Add On - Hydrojelly Mask - 30 mins - elu spa

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Add On - Hydrojelly Mask - 30 mins

Add On - Hydrojelly Mask - 30 mins

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*Add on to any body massage. This is not applicable to be booked individually.

This is an organic natural-plant & mineral active Hydrojelly mask. The texture is similar to jelly, and it gives out an instant cool and soothing effects - perfect for our hot summer months. As the texture is easy to modify, the mask will nicely cover on the body and makes sure the products that are remaining will absorb deep into your skin.

This Hydrojelly mask also brightens & lightens the skin, help to reduce the redness and acne on the skin after several treatments! You can choose whatever your skin needs.


Brightening Complex Hydrojelly Mask - Reduce pigmentation and lightens skin tone overall. It also helps to diminish the appearance of age spots, blemishes and discoloration.

Pure Himalayan White Tea Hydrojelly Mask - Promotes a smooth, translucent skin complexion. It detoxifies the skin and minimises skin irritation, rashes, inflammation and redness. 

Resiliance Caviar Hydrojelly Mask - Enhance collagen and fibroblast production. It helps to reduce the appearance and deepening of lines, wrinkles and pores. 

Intensive Aftercare Hydrojelly Mask - Natural anti-microbial and antioxidant properties. It helps speed up the healing process especially after laser, peeling or waxing!

Phyto-Nutrients Blast Hydrojelly Mask - Provides instant hydration, supports the body’s natural antioxidant self-defense mechanisms, helps detoxify and nourish the skin, and helps defend against oxidative stress.