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Eminence 8-Step Hungarian Massage Facial - 75 mins

Eminence 8-Step Hungarian Massage Facial - 75 mins

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A luxurious and rare facial treatment that is both nurturing and nourishing to the skin and soul. It consists of 8 essential skincare steps and incorporates our unique Hungarian massage techniques, leaving you with improved circulation, a clear and glowing complexion, and revitalised skin as a result of this 75 minutes deeply relaxing treatment.

The 8 steps:

1. Analysis: Before beginning the treatment, our aesthetician will tailor-made an unique experience for you with the wide selections of Eminence products based on your skin types and by addressing specific skin concernsAll products from Eminence are made with the finest natural organic ingredients and are free of any harmful chemicals. 

2. Cleansing: To remove any make up and surface build up with one to two cleansing products.

3. Toning: To re-balance the skin pH value with a tonique or mist. 

4. Exfoliating: To remove the build up of dead skin cells and resurface the skin for restoration.

5. Extraction: To clear blackheads and whiteheads if needed. Not recommended for sensitive skin.

6. Massage: Promotes the following benefits through our unique Hungarian massage techniques

  • Stimulate blood flow and boost lymph circulation
  • Encourage lymphatic drainage and detoxification 
  • Improve skin's metabolism 
  • Reduce puffiness
  • Firming and lifting
  • Regenerate and enliven skin tone and complexion - giving it a healthy glow
  • Relax and calm your busy mind and soul

7. Masking: One or more masques may be applied on different areas, each of which are carefully selected based on your skin assessment and analysis.

8. Moisturise: Complete with toner, serums, moisturisers, eye care and SPF for further strengthening and protection from environmental stressors.


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