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Postpartum Healing Therapy 105mins

Postpartum Healing Therapy 105mins

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Postpartum Healing Therapy

Ginger foot bath  15mins


Women Healing Trilogy 60mins 
Lymphatic detox massage 
Abdominal hot stone massage 

Bust & Butt sculpt 

Head and scalp de-wind massage 30mins 

  Complimentary healing tea served after treatment 


Experience the ultimate postpartum healing with the indulging Women healing massage, which includes our unique lymphatic detox massage and our signature Gua Sha techniques on the neck, shoulders, decollete, arms, and legs. Say goodbye to water retention and toxins while also relieving muscle pain from carrying and breastfeeding your little one!

Then, indulge in a hot stone abdominal massage with warm ginger oil to nourish and revive the womb. This helps detoxify the uterus and ovaries, improve blood circulation, and alleviate flatulence, bloating, constipation, expels wind, and cold. 

To complete the trilogy, our Bust & Butt massage lifts and sculpts your postpartum body, promoting milk flow and reducing congestion as well as relieving sciatica discomfort. 

Conclude with an invigorating head and scalp massage using a specialized head Gua Sha tool. This will enhance blood flow to the hair follicles and aiding in postpartum hair loss recovery and promoting hair vitality and growth. It can also alleviate migraines by eliminating the wind trapped in the head.


Trust us, your postpartum body will thank you!

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