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Business Gift Cards
Business Gift Cards
Business Gift Cards
Business Gift Cards

Business Gift Cards

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Introducing the Business Gift Card from Elu Spa! Treat your colleagues and clients to the ultimate relaxation experience with our physical gift cards. With 3 options to choose from and a buy 5 get 1 free offer, it's the perfect way to show appreciation. Our gift cards are conveniently sized like a name card, making them easy to carry and present. Give the gift of rejuvenation and tranquility with Elu Spa's Business Gift Card.

Free shipping if you purchase over 5 cards by SF express

Elu Spa的商務禮品卡:
用我們的實體禮品卡讓您的同事和客戶體驗終極放鬆。我們提供3種選擇,還有買5送1的優惠,是展示感激之情的完美方式。我們的禮品卡尺寸方便攜帶,就像名片一樣方便展示。用Elu Spa的商務禮品卡送給您的禮物,帶來恢復活力和寧静的禮物。


1) Skin Renewal Calming Facial 75mins *Value $1280

2) Reviver Day Spa 90mins *Value 1480

  • 60mins Lymphatic Massage 
  • 30mins Foot Spa & Massage

3) Quick Spa Combo 60mins *Value $1100

  • 30mins Head Neck Shoulder Massage 
  • 30mins Bubble Bath

Buy 5 Get 1 Free / Buy 10 Get 3 Free / Buy 20 Get 8 Free

*Free Gift Cards will be randomly distributed and cannot be chosen*

*Please complete the personal informations, we will ship out the gift card by Hong Kong Post office.

*Please contact us if you want to self- pick up at our spa. +852 6477 8647

1) 舒緩面部再生療程 75分鐘 *價值 $1280

2) 復康日間水療 90分鐘 *價值 $1480

  • 60分鐘淋巴排毒按摩
  • 30分鐘足底水療按摩

3) 快速水療套餐 60分鐘 *價值 $1100

  • 30分鐘頭部、頸部、肩部按摩
  • 30分鐘泡泡浴

購買5次送1次 /購買10次送3次 / 購買20次送8次



*如需到我們的水療中心自取,請聯繫我們 +852 6477 8647

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