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Father's Day Break & Spa Day package 105mins

Father's Day Break & Spa Day package 105mins

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Father’s Day Break & Spa Day 105mins 

  • 30mins Foot Spa & Massage 
  • 60mins Body Massage 
  • 15mins Head Gua Sha

Looking for a special treat for your dad this Father's Day? Look no further than our Father's Day Break & Spa Day package at Elu Spa. This 105-minute package is designed to provide relaxation and rejuvenation for dads who deserve a well-deserved break.

For just $1480, your dad can enjoy a delightful spa experience that includes a variety of treatments to unwind and recharge.

The package begins with a 30-minute Foot Spa & Massage, where your dad's tired feet will be pampered and massaged to release tension and promote relaxation.

Next, indulge in a blissful 60-minute Body Massage that targets specific areas of the body to relieve stress and promote overall well-being. Our skilled therapists will use techniques to ease muscle tension and leave your dad feeling rejuvenated.

To complete the experience, we offer a 15-minute Head Gua Sha treatment, known for its therapeutic benefits. This ancient Chinese technique involves gentle scraping of the scalp to improve blood circulation and release any built-up tension.

Our Father's Day Break & Spa Day package is the perfect gift to show your dad how much you care. Treat him to a day of relaxation and rejuvenation at Elu Spa. Book now and make this Father's Day truly memorable.

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